Retrospected 5.1.0 is out!

What's new in Retrospected 5.1.0?

Retrospected 5.1.0 out! Discover what's new in this release, and in particular our brand new AI-powered Agile Coach.

AI-powered Agile Coach

We are excited to announce a new feature that will enhance users' experience and knowledge. Retrospected now includes an Agile coach powered by Chat GPT, which users can access to learn more about the tool and Agile methodology in general. With this new feature, users can ask the Agile coach questions related to their retrospectives and get suggestions on how to improve their agile practices. Additionally, the coach can provide valuable insights into Agile methodology, including best practices, tips, and tricks. With the Agile coach powered by Chat GPT, Retrospected is taking a step forward in empowering users to continuously improve their Agile practices.

The Agile Coach is available for all non-anonymous accounts, and is accessible from the "Agile Coach" button in the top of the app:

Open the AI modal

You then can either select a question from the list, or ask your own question:

Ask any question

The Agile Coach will then answer your question:

Get a proper answer

You can ask anything related to Agile and retrospectives, and the usage of Retrospected.

Login workflow

We have improved and simplified the login workflow. All options are now on the same page (no more tabs), and login anonymously becomes even easier: you just have to click the "Use Anonymously" button on the login page.

Anonymous account conversion

Users can now convert their anonymous account to a regular account with OAuth or password authentication, while keeping their existing sessions, posts, and votes. This feature ensures that users who previously used Retrospected anonymously can now take full advantage of all the benefits of a regular account. Retrospected is committed to providing users with the best possible experience, and this feature is just one example of that commitment in action.

Template selection

Now, users can select from a visual list of templates, including Well / Not Well / Ideas, 4s, Mad / Sad / Glad, and many more, instead of using a dropdown menu. With this new feature, users can quickly and easily select the template that best fits their team's needs, without the hassle of scrolling through a dropdown list. The visual list provides a clear overview of available templates, making it easier for teams to select the right format for their retrospective, and ultimately, improve their team's agility.

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