Real-time Retrospectives.
Done right.
In seconds.

Because Post-It notes aren't going to cut it.

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Why not use a whiteboard?

Because Retrospected is fun 🎉, but also it's:


If you have a distributed team, or people working from home, you must have realised by now that a whiteboard is not ideal.


Think of all the trees you are going to save by not using Post-Its! Or all those whiteboard markers that you don't have to buy!


You can go back to your previous retrospectives, any time, anywhere. Try doing that with the whiteboard. Or Post-Its.

It works across devices
so you can participate from anywhere.

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Compatible with all modern browsers.

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No, Internet Explorer 6 is not a modern browser.

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Entirely responsive, you can participate vith your iPhone or your iPad!

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The app feels native, because you deserve it.

About us
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Easy but powerful with the
best features

Retrospected's objective is for you to not lose time setting up a retrospective. That's why we made everything easy, from not having to register to anonymous sessions.

  • Real-time Retrospectives

  • User voting

  • Posts grouping

  • Full customisation (columns, votes etc.)

  • Make your retro funnier with Giphy!

Insanely quick setup

The last thing you want to do when starting an online Retrospective is spending 20 minutes setting it up. That's why you and every participant can connect and participate to any session by just logging in using your regular GitHub/Google/Twitter account. No need to register, dive right in!

Anonymous Login

You can also log in anonymously, just by entering a name, and start retrospecting even faster.

Re-order and Group

You can easily re-order your posts by drag-and-drop, and group them together using Groups.


When your board is full, head directly to the "Summary" tab to enjoy a summarised view or the content, ordered by people's vote. You can even export this to Markdown or Rich Text!

Client-side encryption (Pro Feature ⭐️)

Your data is encrypted locally (in your browser), and the decryption key is never sent to the Retrospected servers. This ensures that your data will never be visible by a third party, including us.

Private Sessions (Pro Feature ⭐️)

Lock access to your session with a click of a button to prevent anyone else from joining or seeing your data.

Self Hosted

Retrospected on your premises

Keep complete control of your data by self-hosting Retrospected. One-time fee, unlimited updates.
Get up and running with our amazing documentation in no time.

Complete control

Your data stays on your premises.

Easy to install

After purchase, you will get an email with a pre-populated docker-compose file to run. And some amazing docs.

Administration Panel

Manage your users via the dedicated administration panel.

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Free updates forever

Once you have a licence, updates are free, forever.

OAuth Authentication

Setup your own OAuth authentication (Google, GitHub etc.)

All users are Pro

On a licenced self-hosted instance, all users (including anonymous ones) are Pro users.

Encryption & Private Sessions

Retrospected Pro
For complete data safety and privacy

Enable full client-side encryption to guarantee that your retrospectives data cannot be seen outside of your company. And for an even greater peace of mind, you can self-host your own instance of Retrospected.

We accept USD, GBP or EUR.

Any other question? Contact us

How can I pay for this?

Payments are handled by our partner, Stripe. No payment information is stored by Retrospected.

Is it possible to pay yearly?

You can! Simply select this option at checkout and you will get one month free per year.

Do you give Pro licenses for free in some cases?

If you are using this product as a charity, or you are in education, send us an email and we'll sort out a free license for you: contact us.

Can I cancel my plan?

Yes. The subscription can be stopped at any time, and will end at the end of your current billing month.

Will I pay more for some features?

We only have 2 tiers: Free and Pro. All features are unlocked when you subscribe to a Pro account.

Is there any limit?

There is no limit on the amount of data stored, subject to fair-use policy.

Our Latest Features

Retrospected is a evolving constantly, and here are the new features we made for you since our last update:

Self Hostingblog

Simplified Self-Hosting

Be up-and-running in no time. As soon as you have purchased a licence for Retrospected Self-Hosted, an email will be sent to you with detailed and easy-to-follow instructions on how to host Retrospected on your servers.


Accounts Federation

You can now login using different providers (Google, GitHub...) and have one single unified account, provided the emails on these accounts are the same. If you had multiple accounts sharing the same address, they will be merged into one!


Private Sessions

Make your session a private session by preventing any new user from joining. This adds some privacy and peace of mind to your retrospectives!

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