Retrospected: Self-hosted retrospectives. Own your data.

Retrospected Self-Hosted Edition allows you to host your retrospective data on your servers for ultimate privacy and control. Our on-premise solution provides complete control, privacy, security, and customization while leveraging the power of Retrospected.

Own hosting, own servers, own privacy

Retrospected Self-Hosting Edition allows you to host your retrospective data on your servers for ultimate privacy and control. With our self-hosted solution, you can enjoy complete control, privacy, security and customisation while leveraging the power of Retrospected.

Your own private cloud

Why Self-Hosting?

Take charge of your retrospectives data with Retrospected Self-Hosting Edition. By hosting on your own infrastructure, you ensure complete control, security, and privacy. With Retrospected's self-hosting option, you establish a robust and private environment tailored to your unique requirements.

Key Features

Retrospected Self-Hosting Edition offers a comprehensive set of features, empowering you to maintain data privacy and security while running your retrospectives.

Key features illustrations

Here are some key features:

  • Data Control: Retain full control over your retrospective data, ensuring it remains within your organization's boundaries.
  • Enhanced Security: Leverage your existing security measures and infrastructure, reinforcing the security of your retrospective data. Use your own SSO mechanism via Google OAuth, Github, Okta...
  • Customisation Options: Customise your instance with the logo and colors of your organization. Primary and secondary colours, in addition to the header colours and logo, can be customized.
  • Lifetime updates: You will be receiving updates at the same time as the online version.
  • Dedicated Admin Panel: Manage your users via a dedicated Admin Panel


You can customise the look-and-feel of your self-instance easily. You can change the logo, the primary and secondary colors, and the header colors.

White-Labelling example

This is available directly from our Docker configuration tool, or can be done manually using the documentation.

Benefits for Enterprises

Choose Retrospected Self-Hosting Edition and unlock a range of benefits for your enterprise:

  • Ultimate Data Privacy: Safeguard sensitive information by hosting your retrospective data on your own premises, maintaining complete privacy.
  • Unmatched Control: Enjoy unparalleled control over your data, allowing you to implement custom security measures and access policies.
  • Enhanced Security: Leverage your organization's robust security infrastructure to protect your retrospective data effectively.

Administration Panel

Self-Hosted instances provide an administration panel so that users can be managed:

Administration Panel illustration

You can, using this panel:

  • Create new users
  • Change passwords (for password accounts)
  • Merge users (for instance, if a user create an anonymous account, then a regular account, and wanted to merge them)
  • Delete users
  • Display the number of users currently connected to a retrospective

Seamless Installation and Setup

Deploying Retrospected Self-Hosting Edition cannot be more simple:

  • Easy Installation: Our interactive documentation will help you configure Retrospect on your own servers in 5 minutes, using Docker Compose.
  • Technical Support for your installation: We offer an optional 30-minute call with our expert support team to assist you during the installation.
  • Documentation: Our documentation is also here to help you along the way.

Pricing and Licensing

One-time cost of $599, free updates forever.

You can try Retrospected Self-Hosting Edition today, for free, no payment required. Simply follow the setup steps on our documentation.

After the evaluation period, simply subscribe to get your licence key.