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Because Post-It notes aren't going to cut it.

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Why Retrospected?
Why not use a whiteboard?

Because it's fun 🎉, but beyond that:

It's Online

If you have a distributed team, or people working from home, you must have realised by now that a whiteboard is not ideal.

It's Green

Think of all the trees you are going to save by not using Post-Its! Or all those whiteboard markers that you don't have to buy!

It's Permanent

You can go back to your previous retrospectives, any time, anywhere. Try doing that with the whiteboard. Or Post-Its.

It works across devices
so you can participate from anywhere.

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Compatible with all modern browsers.

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No, Internet Explorer 6 is not a modern browser.

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Entirely responsive, you can participate vith your iPhone or your iPad!

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The app feels native, because you deserve it.

about us

Easy but powerfull with the
best features

Retrospected's objective is for you to not lose time setting up a retrospective. That's why we made everything easy, from not having to register to anonymous sessions.

  • Real-time Retrospectives

  • User voting

  • Posts grouping

  • Full customisation (columns, votes etc.)

  • Make your retro funnier with Giphy!

Insanely quick setup

The last thing you want to do when starting an online Retrospective is spending 20 minutes setting it up. That's why you and every participant can connect and participate to any session by just logging in using your regular GitHub/Google/Twitter account. No need to register, dive right in!

Anonymous Login

You can also log in anonymously, just by entering a name, and start retrospecting even faster.

Re-order and Group

You can easily re-order your posts by drag-and-drop, and group them together using Groups.


When your board is full, head directly to the "Summary" tab to enjoy a summarised view or the content, ordered by people's vote. You can even export this to Markdown or Rich Text!

No credentials stored

Retrospected does not store any credentials. When you log-in with your Google account (or GitHub, or Twitter...), we delegate the authentication to them and only store your username and picture. No password.

Private Sessions (Coming Soon!)

For our corporate users, we are soon going to provide a way of securing a session and preventing unauthorized users from accessing them. Stay tuned!

Our Latest Features

Retrospected is a evolving constantly, and here are the new features we made for you since our last update:

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Blurred Posts

You can now log choose to blur posts before the moderator reveals them. This allows people to contribute without being influenced by others.

Customisation blog

Customise at any time

The moderator (the person who created the session) can now edit the session's options (columns, voting options etc.) at any time. This gives a much greater flexibility to your team!

Security blog

Deleting Retrospectives

You can now delete retrospectives that you created. You must have a non-anonymous account to do so.

Trusted by companies

Retrospected is being used all over the world by the most Agile companies

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